Watch Proper Team on the streets of Madrid

If you love some good street action, Proper Team has a treat for you. Janis Cunculis, James Curry, Jordan Stump and Sam Marden decided to hit Madrid and bring some awesome footage.
“We’d be been planning a trip to Madrid for literally years. It’s a city with too many good rails and we took a crew more than capable of taking advantage of that. Get out the city centre and you’ll find them.
We booked a basic apartment in the suburb of Vallecas, a working class “barrio” with a liberal history that has played host to generations of gypsies and immigrants. According to Madrid local Jaime Gonzales it’s where rich people from the city used to come to buy drugs.

We had London based team rider Chase De Mataro to help keep things on track along with fellow newcomers Jordan Stump, and Sam Marden. Chase is Spanish as f*ck! He loves Spain and the Spanish love him.

Fortune was one our side. The weather, spots, and riders made for a happy crew. No injuries, few flats, and no broken parts meant we were able to accomplish a lot in a week without getting anywhere close to running out of the seemingly endless set ups.”

Don't forget to check the video bellow.

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