Kiesza sued over grafitti in her music video?!

If you think you've heard it all - don't worry, you haven't. Canadian electro pop artist Kiesza just got sued by graffiti artist Jamie Hef (a.k.a. Jamie Mitchel Kosse) who's work can be seen in the background of her breakthrough video for "Hideaway". Heff wants all of the video copies destroyed/removed from the internet + damage compensation.
photo: Youtube screenshot
Various pieces of work of his are seen in the video, which finds Kiesza dancing through the streets of Williamsburg. In particular, the video makes use of Kosse's "Frogs, Elephant, Alphabet Demons, Adam and Graffiti HEFS" mural.

While NBC, CBS, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios had previously licensed Kosse's street art for programs including "A Gifted Man" and full-length feature "The Dictator", it's alleged that neither Kiesza nor Universal Music approached the artist.

As such, the suit alleges that the use of Kosse's work in the video “creates the false impression that plaintiff endorses Kiesza, which he does not, and that he authorized the usage of his highly distinctive works to promote the launch of Kiesza’s career.”

It's added that this "appears to have been intentional because they are emblematic of the urban gritty cool image that Kiesza projects in the 'Hideaway' video and in her subsequent music videos."

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