Wireless earbuds are a real thing now and they look like they are from the future

The Bragi Dash earphones connect to a smartphone over bluetooth 4.0, but they are much more than simply wireless earbuds. They have 4gb of internal memory, so a phone is not required to listen to music - and they include a crazy array of tech. 

Low intesity red and infrared LEDs work with an optical sensor to enable pulse oximetry, so they can measure heart rate with high precision. They have 9 axis accelerometers to measure rotation and movement. They use a touch interface similar to the trackpad on a laptop, enabling gestures such as swipes. 

They use an earbone microphone, that picks up vocal vibrations through the bones of the head, to capture speech with detail and clarity. There is an ambient microphone in each earphone, which in conjunction with some advanced software algorithms, creates a surprisingly realistic sound of whatever is happening around the wearer - so you don't have to take them out to have a conversation. And they come with an integrated charging case, so you can charge them on the go

Bragi provides a smartphone app that expands the functionality of the Dash, with many features aimed at runners and other athletes. And they've already launched a developer portal that opens development of new features up, so another apps may soon be able to integrate with the Dash. 

We don't know about you, but we want them ASAP!

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