Vasya Lukyanenko conquers 70-year old Zaporizhstal plant

Growing up in the biggest industrial region of central Ukraine, BMX rider Vasya Lukyanenko always struggled to find skateparks. Instead of giving up on his love for riding, the 23-year-old sought out alternative and unusual riding spots. From wave-shaped skyscrapers to satellite dishes at the Ukrainian National Space Centre, Vasya likes to be creative when it comes to securing locations to hone his skills.

Vasya has long been intrigued by the rough and unsuitable industrial grounds near his home, but he has never been allowed to ride them – until this year.

Watch his latest venture in the video above, where he visits the Zaporizhstal plant and rides among fire and liquid steel.
photo: Sergey Illin / Red Bull Content Pool
About the project, Lukyanenko says: "I love places like this. It’s rarer than rare – it’s unique with all the fire, liquid steel, splashes; there’s nothing like it in the world. It’s raw, it’s dangerous, it’s unforgettable and you are the first BMX rider here. It feels like pioneering new lands and I’m glad to leave a footprint here."  He also added: "Rough spots excite me, it brings more experience than a year in a well-known place. For me it’s important to stay fresh and to do what I love with the whole new experience."

You can watch footage bellow.

Red Bull. Vasya Lukyanenko: Stainless from Eugene Kredentser on Vimeo.

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