Major Lazer first major U.S. act to play Cuba since ties were restored

It has only be a handful of months since the U.S. restored relations with Cuba, and U.S. artists are starting to make their way to the island nation. U.S. trio Major Lazer is set to perform a free show for thousands of fans on March 6 in Havana, making them one of the first U.S. artists in over ten years to do so.

Diplo and crew will be performing in front of the U.S. Embassy and will be featured along some of Havana’s local DJ talent.

"For as long as I can remember, Cuba has played an influential role on my love of music — Cuba has such a powerful cultural impact all over the world and for me, especially growing up in Florida, it became one of the biggest cultural centers for music to evolve from. I was lucky enough to visit Cuba a few years back with my friends Calle 13 and during my four days there my mind was blown by the people, depth of culture and their way of life. Going back to perform in 2016 and to be a part of the culture once again is a huge blessing and I couldn’t be more honored to bring the Major Lazer project there," Diplo said.

The concert is presented by the Musicabana Foundation in association with the people and government of Cuba as a sort-of cultural exchange, bringing Americans and Cubans together once again. The Musicabana Foundation will also be sponsoring another event called Musicabana in May, which will be the first music festival produced by both Americans and Cubans in over 30 years.

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